For 15 years lonely circus has been creating performances mixing theatre, circus and music. We  present about 60 performances a year throughout Europe both in the open-air and the theatre. We currently has two shows on tour.

Our theater show

FALL FELL FALLEN, the musical art of falling – a true artistic collaboration between HOFFMANN and LE GUEN integrating sound and movement with invented musical instruments and falling structures. A dialogue about time, humour and balance.


pictures : nicolas heredia et John Skinner - text : Mary & John Skinner

le poids de la peauEnglish_files/techincal%20rider.pdf
fall fell fallenEnglish_files/FFFfiche%20technique-ENG.pdf

Download technical riders

Our open-air show

LE POIDS DE LA PEAU (meaning the weight of skin from the expression to risk your skin) – uses the unique iconic ‘Girafon’, a tight-rope which see-saws and rotates horizontally through 360°. The ‘Girafon’ is wired for sounds and these are mixed with recorded loops to create a vital element of the LONELY CIRCUS performance.

Both are based on the relationship between a contemporary circus artist and a contemporay electro/acoustic musician. These are very spectacular shows is for all types of audience

SEBASTIEN LE GUEN  began his career as a classically trained tight-rope walker, since when he has invented other ways, such as the iconic “Girafon” to work with the idea of balance.

JERÔME HOFFMANN – is a classically trained musician (guitar and piano) and has composed music for theatre and contemporary dance. With LONELY CIRCUS he makes live electro acoustic music in response to and with the performance.